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Red Canary’s hiring philosophy

Our Director of Talent Acquisition breaks down everything you need to know about Red Canary before applying to work here.

Emily Gibson
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Red Canary’s purpose is to create a world where every organization makes their greatest impact without fear of damage from cyber attack. We do this through our niche of security operations: the people, processes and technology that continuously monitor and improve our organization’s security posture while preventing, detecting, analyzing, and responding to cybersecurity incidents.

Red Canary core values

Our core values are the lifeblood of our business and drive our decision making. But we care about more than just making money or growing a business. We also want our current and future employees to feel empowered and inspired. As our Senior Vice President of Talent Melanie Kruger wrote earlier this year:

“Creating and nurturing a positive culture that makes a startup a destination for talented people to grow and thrive doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a combination of a clear vision, mission, and company values, plus talent management and employee development best practices.”

As Red Canary’s Director of Talent Acquisition, I wanted to give insight into the “why” choices we make in hiring and compensation to help you better evaluate our open roles and know what to expect once you apply.

What we value in the hiring process

The Talent team focuses on what you can do, how you will do the job and if it is done in a way that is in alignment with our values. Canaries are mission-driven, self aware, customer-focused, and above all, kind.

We also want to understand what you can add to our Flock. We encourage you to apply even if your experience doesn’t exactly match the position description. We look for people who have a sincere passion and interest in cybersecurity and in our mission. At Red Canary we welcome diverse perspectives and people who relentlessly pursue quality for our customers.

Pay transparency

We are transparent with pay and compensation in our job postings. Our compensation is listed on every posted role at Red Canary. As you move through the interview process, our recruiters can share the details of our fantastic benefits and our level set system compensation philosophy, which is essentially that every job title we have three levels of pay, with clear criteria to define success for each level. This eliminates disparity in pay for people who simply negotiate better, everyone doing the same job at the same career level has the exact same compensation. We reward scope of impact, contribution to team, customers and cross functional work, developing expertise and leveling up everyone around you. We don’t negotiate, and it leads to pay equity.

Our goal is to give you as much information as possible prior to the interview for you to make the best decision on whether you would like to pursue the interview process. While compensation is typically one of the biggest motivators for a candidate to take on a new position, I would encourage anyone evaluating a move to consider the whole package, such as work-life balance, career growth, culture, and company mission. Personally, I have found more work-life balance at Red Canary than any other company I’ve worked for. Our founders take pride in setting aside designated time for their families and have encouraged me to do the same.


A Red Canary employee takes a moment on the roof deck at at our company headquarters in downtown Denver.
A Canary takes a moment on the roof deck at at our company headquarters in downtown Denver.

Salary scales

We have worked to keep a simple yet flexible pay scale. Given we are a mostly remote (60 percent) workforce and do not require you to be in the office, you’ll likely get to choose where you work! We do have a few roles that need to be based in our headquarters and some leaders prefer to have people within the state of Colorado if all team members reside here. As a result, we do not have different pay scales for different locations across the U.S as we are in over 40 states. As an example, an engineer in Iowa is paid the same as an engineer in California. We benchmark with our peers and towards the top end of the market so that we can be competitive.

Within our model, we recognize that not everyone is a great negotiator or self advocate, which is why we have standardized levels of compensation within every pay scale. We do not negotiate outside of the pay scale levels. For example, if the pay levels for a role are $85,000, $95,000, and $105,000, and if we offered you $85,000 and you wanted to negotiate to $90,000, we would finalize pay at either $85,000 or $95,000. This determination is made based on current internal equity and experience and the related experience you demonstrated in the interview process.

Overall, we strive to eliminate pay differences between employees in the same role and want to avoid pay gaps and differences between employees with different backgrounds.

Company equity

Our founders were very thoughtful in creating our equity plan. They wanted each employee to have a true sense of ownership in their work and in the company. The founders believe our Canaries are invaluable and want to reward each Canary for their part in the company’s success. We have a generous vesting schedule and our recruiters and hiring managers are always willing to deep dive into the equity details.

Making the most of in-person time

One of the best things about Red Canary is that we fully embrace remote work and we have a strong remote work culture. Everyone gets Zoom fatigue once in a while but it’s worth it for the laughs and getting to connect with other Canaries. We have regular onsite meetings called “BEASTMODE” where we bring Canaries together to hear about company performance and goals as well as participate in bonding and team building activities.

A Red Canary employee goes down a slide surrounded by colorful balloons
At the last BEASTMODE meetup, we unveiled a new feature at our two-floor office: a slide!

Get in touch

I hope this has been helpful in understanding more about Red Canary and determining if you should take the next step and apply. Check out our current open roles, and if you do not see a current opportunity but are interested, drop us your resume anyway!


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