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Cory Bowline

Partner Props: Beebe Healthcare IT Team is Awesome

Beebe Healthcare 100 Years LogoWe’re excited to share that one of Red Canary’s flagship partners, Beebe Healthcare, was recently named as the #2 top IT team in Healthcare for mid-sized organizations.  Healthcare IT News evaluates hundreds of healthcare organizations annually to determine which organizations provide the best work environment for its employees.  In an industry where hiring is a well-known challenge, having a great work environment is a key factor in attracting and retaining top talent.

Beebe Healthcare is located in Lewes, Delaware, and has 50 IT professionals who support a 210-bed healthcare organization.  The Red Canary team has had the privilege of working with Beebe and defending their endpoints, and we are excited to see our customer recognized for their excellence.  Congratulations!!


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