Respond to an Endpoint Threat in 90 Seconds

At Red Canary, we’re always looking to simplify our customers’ security operations. Responding to the confirmed threats you receive from Red Canary is simple: isolate the endpoint, craft a response plan, and execute. Ready? Start the clock. Your Red Canary detections include the buttons: “Isolate Endpoint” and “Respond.” Isolating the endpoint disables all network communication […]

What Red Canary Detects, Part III: Unwanted Software

We produce unwanted software detections primarily because they are indicators of vulnerable system or network configurations. Further, unwanted software almost always arrives as a result of improperly sourced software installed by an end user, and thus its presence indicates that end users have both the technical means and the willingness to execute untrusted code. Why […]

20 CIS Critical Security Controls – How Red Canary Stacks Up

The 20 CIS Critical Security Controls are widely viewed as the “Gold Standard” framework for building and evaluating an organization’s security program. In this article, we will look at several of these controls and how Red Canary helps our clients improve their security posture in meaningful ways. (Full disclosure: I am a SANS Certified Instructor, […]

A new approach to visualizing threats

At Red Canary, we’re constantly improving how we display the intelligence we provide our customers to make it more intuitive and actionable. Today we’re announcing two big improvements to our detection view. Detection timeline Our new detection timeline weaves together indicators of compromise with relevant endpoint activities, such as the relationship between processes and related […]