You Don’t Have to be in the Fortune 500 to Successfully Defend Against Advanced Attacks

Defending your endpoints is complicated and expensive and often leaves comprehensive endpoint security for companies with the biggest security budgets. We’re not ok with that – because every organization is a target. Defending your endpoints is complicated For most organizations, a strong endpoint security posture requires the visibility to see activity across your organization, a way […]

Harnessing the full power of the Carbon Black API

We work with Carbon Black every day at Red Canary. We are excited to announce the open sourcing of our Python API that allows for deeper and intuitive exploration of the Carbon Black datastore. This “CbApi2” is available at GitHub so everyone can enjoy easy and efficient programmatic access to Carbon Black data. There are […]

A new approach to visualizing threats

At Red Canary, we’re constantly improving how we display the intelligence we provide our customers to make it more intuitive and actionable. Today we’re announcing two big improvements to our detection view. Detection timeline Our new detection timeline weaves together indicators of compromise with relevant endpoint activities, such as the relationship between processes and related […]