November 14, 2018 Product updates
Joren McReynolds

Red Canary and Threat Stack Partner to Protect Cloud Infrastructure

Companies are increasingly migrating away from on-premise networks and starting to adopt hybrid-cloud—or even exclusively cloud—networks. It can be challenging for organizations to gain visibility into their cloud infrastructure because of differences in how systems and networks are deployed, configured, and managed.

That is why we are excited to announce Red Canary’s new partnership with Threat Stack, a leader in cloud infrastructure security. With the integration of Threat Stack and Red Canary, customers can gain a detailed view of their cloud environment and respond to threats faster.

Robb Reck, CISO at Ping Identity, currently uses both Red Canary and Threat Stack to protect his organization. Robb explains how the new partnership will streamline his organization’s response efforts: “Visibility within your environment, and the ability to quickly respond when things go bad, are two of the most important elements of any security program. The combination of Red Canary’s critical response solution and Threat Stack’s cloud threat detection capabilities will help provide visibility of our cloud infrastructure and its security posture, so we can quickly respond when needed.”

How It Works:

  • Threat Stack offers detailed visibility into cloud environments, resulting in rich telemetry that can be effectively utilized by Red Canary’s detection engine to catch a diverse set of adversary techniques.
  • Red Canary’s Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT) will investigate all detections and remove false positives so you only receive high fidelity alerts that detail adversary actions.
  • Lastly, Red Canary’s Exec automation platform offers you the ability to automatically respond to these alerts by creating visual playbooks that automate actions for notification, containment, and remediation.

Not only does this partnership make Red Canary’s platform and services more widely available, but it also diversifies the systems that Red Canary can help secure.

See how Red Canary and Threat Stack can help you secure your cloud infrastructure. Request demo >>


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