Red Canary Guest Contributors

Bringing together voices of the security community

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Scott Hanson
Senior Vice President, Cyber Risk, Kroll
Katie Nickels
ATT&CK Threat Intelligence Lead, MITRE
Greg Foss
Senior Threat Researcher, Carbon Black
John Wunder
Principal Cyber Security Engineer, MITRE
Rick McElroy
Head of Security Strategy, Carbon Black
Brian Baskin
Senior Threat Researcher, Carbon Black
Jimmy Astle
Senior Threat Researcher, Carbon Black
Justin Henderson
Founder & CEO, H&A Security Solutions; SANS Instructor
Brenden Smith
Chief Information Security Officer, First Bank
Blake Strom
Principal Cyber Security Engineer, MITRE
Ben Johnson
Co-Founder & CTO of Obsidian Security, Co-Founder of Carbon Black
James Tarala
Information Security Specialist, Senior SANS Instructor
Robert M. Lee
Founder and CEO, Dragos, Inc.; SANS Instructor & Course Author
Jamison Utter
Principle Security Consultant, Infoblox
Scott Worden
Security Engineer, Insurance Company
Jason Garman
Director, Developer Relations at Carbon Black
Tim Collyer
Director, Information Security at Motorola Solutions
Bob Argenbright
Senior Security Engineer, Heroku
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