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See how we empower your team, protect your organization from attacks, and help you take decisive action when it matters most with Red Canary 24×7 advanced threat detection, investigation, and response.

Gain a partner in the fight against cyber attacks

When it comes to security, there’s strength in numbers. Scale your security operations with Red Canary. Our team of highly skilled security experts deliver top-quality threat intelligence, detection engineering, investigation, and response.


your detection coverage


detection and response


fewer false positives

Red CanaryOther MDR providers
Red Canary:

Complete end-to-end MDR solution
powered by a veteran Threat Intelligence Team, Incident Handlers, CSMs, and in-depth research. At no extra cost.

Other MDR providers:

Charge extra for human engagement and expertise

Red Canary:

Architected for improving security outcomes
with visibility and transparency that enable you to see Red Canary working every day. Your improved security outcomes is how we measure our success.

Other MDR providers:

Activate black-box MDR, collect an invoice and tell you it’s working

Red Canary:

Delivers a full suite of scalable, easy-to-use SOC
capabilities, packaged to be accessible to organizations of all sizes and security maturity levels.

Other MDR providers:

One-size-fits-none solution with an enterprise price tag

Red Canary:

MDR that’s fully operational in hours
and delivers faster time to value—all visible through dashboard metric tracking and reports.

Other MDR providers:

Average 1-2 weeks to be fully operational