July 27, 2021 Events & Webinars

From testing to legal: Five critical components of security

Join us on July 27 from 4:30-7:00pm ET at LFG Royal Oak for a panel discussion, socializing, libations and food at the first ever e-sports oriented restaurant.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from experts who will cover the 5 critical components of security.

Space is limited.

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Together we will explore:

  • What proactive steps to take before a breach or an incident occurs
  • What reactive steps to take during and after a breach or incident occurs
  • What ongoing efforts and lifecycles should be established to enable effective outcomes for the above
  • How business leaders should evaluate these items and what indicators of failure and success look like
Steven Legg
CEO, Antigen Security
Jennifer A. Dukarski
CIPP/US- Shareholder, Butzel Long
Paul Ericson
Sr. Consultant, Enterprise Offensive Security
Sergio Gonzalez
Customer Solutions Engineer, Red Canary
Brian Pilarski
Commercial Agent, Insurance Consultant, Brown and Brown of Detroit