May 17–20, 2021 Events & Webinars

RSA Conference 2021

Stop by Red Canary’s virtual booth to get real-time advice from our SOC experts—and discover what it means to gain an ally in the fight against cyber threats.

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YouTube | May 18 @ 1:00 PM ET 🍿

"These Aren't the Threats You're Looking For: How Our APT Focus Ruins CTI," presented by Katie Nickels, Director of Intelligence at Red Canary.

When someone thinks of cyber threat intelligence, they often think of one thing: advanced persistent threats (APTs), but do we emphasize or place too much focus on these that it becomes harmful to our organization?

In this talk, Katie will explain why too much focus on APTs has misled our community about the value cyber threat intelligence brings and will walk through ways you can support your security program through actionable outcomes.

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Katie Nickels
Director of Intelligence, Red Canary