May 11–12, 2021 Events & Webinars


Are you attending this two-day event? Visit our virtual booth to live chat with our experts, explore valuable resources for your security team, and get updates on the Red Canary Security Operations Platform.

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May 11–12, 2021
Secure360 | Virtual
Secure360 | Virtual
Featured Talk

"Prioritizing collection and validating visibility the (mostly) free way"

Presented by Adam Mashinchi, Director of Open Source Projects

Identifying the right data sources for collection is a behemoth problem on its own, one that becomes exponentially more complicated as you start operationalizing your visibility to develop functional security controls.

In this short talk, we’re going to explain how you can use openly available intelligence from Red Canary’s 2021 Threat Detection Report to prioritize data sources for collection. We will then show you how you can use freely available tools like Atomic Red Team and Sysmon to generate innocuous telemetry and validate visibility respectively.