Red Canary Video Demo

Learn how our managed detection and response can make immediate improvements to your security posture. This video captures the highlights, but it doesn’t replace a conversation. Request a personalized demo.

00:32 Why Red Canary MDR?

01:00 Here’s how we do MDR differently

01:35 How Red Canary MDR works

01:45  Take a look at the Red Canary portal and how we do Detection

02:13 Red Canary only alerts you to confirmed threats: know what happened, how we found it, and what to do about it

02:36 See what makes up a Detection timeline

03:03  How Red Canary automation and consultation help you respond with confidence

03:30 Create playbooks to reduce MTTR

03:57 Integrate Red Canary into existing workflows

04:36 Red Canary Incident Handlers are available for expert advice and strategy consultation (no retainer needed)

04:59 Tools we’ve built to help you visualize coverage and track program improvements

05:08 See how Red Canary observes 85% of MITRE ATT&CK Techniques

05:40 Uncover weaknesses in your security posture by clicking into events and detections related to ATT&CK Techniques

05:50 Track improvements to MTTR

06:15 See impacts to your org with our 30 day impact report