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We are very excited to be delivering to you the Atomic Newsletter, a monthly email in which we will summarize the updates and news about Atomic Red Team and its related projects such as Atomic Friday, MITRE ATT&CK®, Invoke-AtomicRedTeam, AtomicTestHarnesses, and more!
Introducing cloud atomics!
New atomic tests & platforms
In what was certainly the biggest update to Atomic Red Team since the adoption of MITRE ATT&CK sub-techniques in the summer of 2020, the maintainers introduced atomic tests for cloud and container techniques in June.

Head over to the Red Canary blog to learn how you can validate your detection coverage on remote infrastructure. Senior Information Security Specialist Brian Donohue highlights some of the architectural challenges posed by an increase in atomic tests that are run from disparate tooling—like PowerShell or Bash—and target a wide array of remote infrastructure platforms, such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.
Atomic Red Team community updates

Atomic Red Team cannot continue to be the amazing library it is without the time, effort, and contributions from the community and the project maintainers. We wanted to showcase some of the individuals who have taken the time to contribute changes and additions to Atomic Red Team!
New & top contributors in June
Top contributors:
  • clr2of8
  • f8al
  • madhavbhatt
  • MHaggis
  • rctgardner
  • tlor8

Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to Atomic Red Team this month, and a special shout out to all of the first time contributors:
  • adeliktas
  • BaffledJimmy
  • d1vious
  • f8al
  • jorgeorchilles
  • lexiechong
  • madhavbhatt
  • patel-bhavin
  • rctgardner
  • skar4444

Changes to the maintainers' team
Another major change to Atomic Red Team ushered in by the introduction of cloud and container techniques was the need for new maintainers who specialize in cloud and container testing.

To that end, we welcomed Jose Hernandez and Bhavin Patel to the team. They work on cloud and container test automation, and have been active members of the Atomic Red Team community for a long time.
The return of Atomic Friday!
Testing with the 2021 Threat Detection Report
After a brief hiatus, Atomic Fridays are back, with a new home on YouTube! Watch Matt Graeber and Brian Donohue walk through how to run Atomic Red Team tests for some of the most prevalent ATT&CK techniques.

This instructional video covers:
We are here to help! 
Atomic Red Team maintainers
Meet our amazing team of maintainers, who create new tests, manage pull requests, mentor new contributors, and do so much more.
Bhavin Patel
Slack: Bhavin Patel
GitHub:  patel-bhavin

Carl Petty
Carl Petty
Slack: Carl Petty
GitHub: rc-grey

Carrie Roberts
Carrie Roberts
Slack: OrOneEqualsOne
GitHub:  clr2of8

Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez
Slack: Jose Hernandez
GitHub:  d1vious

Matt Graeber
Matt Graeber
Slack: mattifestation
GitHub:   mattifestation

Mike Haag
Mike Haag
Slack: Mike Haag
GitHub: MHaggis

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