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Welcome to the January edition of the Atomic Newsletter, a monthly email in which we will summarize the updates and news about Atomic Red Team™ and its related projects such as Atomic Friday, MITRE ATT&CK®, Invoke-AtomicRedTeam, AtomicTestHarnesses, and more!
Test Showcase
Highlighting new & novel atomics
This month, the Atomic Red Team maintainers wanted to showcase a couple of noteworthy new atomic tests that caught their eye!
Exfiltration Over Alternative Protocol
In what is another great example of how simple, yet powerful, atomic tests can be, contributor Danvele created a test that uses curl to perform data exfiltration.

This test is elegant for its turn-key utilization of a file-sharing site, providing an excellent example of how to test for exfiltration regardless of the destination or service.
PR #1672:
CVE's & Maintenance 
Contributor  Michael Bowman updated a number of dependancies that power the Atomic Red Team repository, indexes, and automation.

This PR is an excellent reminder that our community is built on more than just atomic tests: a huge population of diverse information security practitioners and developers!
Meet Marrelle, the new Community Manager!
We are excited to welcome our very first Community Manager, Marrelle Bailey. She will be supporting and managing the Atomic Red Team community. She recently updated and revised the community’s  Code of Conduct .
Video for your queue 
Our very own Adam Mashinchi at Wild West Hackin' Fest!
Watch Red Canary's Director of Open Source Projects Adam Mashinchi discuss our recent intern's capstone project expanding and mapping Atomic Red Team's ATT&CK coverage!
New execution framework
The Atomic Operator is out and ready to use! 
Swimlane's Josh Rickard recently introduced  Atomic Operator, the last cross-platform Atomic Red Team execution framework you’ll ever need. Read more about it on his recent blog.

Atomic Red Team community updates

Atomic Red Team cannot continue to be the amazing library it is without the time, effort, and contributions from the community and the project maintainers. We wanted to showcase some of the individuals who have taken the time to contribute changes and additions to Atomic Red Team!
New & top contributors in December
Top contributors:

  • clr2of8
  • glallen
  • MrOrOneEquals1

Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to Atomic Red Team, and a special shout out to all of the first-time contributors:
  • frack113
  • Leomon5
  • shamanth0912
  • nsher07
  • CyberBilly7
  • Tatsuya-hasegawa

We are here to help! 
Atomic Red Team maintainers
Meet our amazing team of maintainers, who create new tests, manage pull requests, mentor new contributors, and do so much more.
Bhavin Patel
Slack: Bhavin Patel
GitHub:  patel-bhavin

Carl Petty
Carl Petty
Slack: Carl Petty
GitHub: int5-grey

Carrie Roberts
Carrie Roberts
Slack: OrOneEqualsOne
GitHub:  clr2of8

Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez
Slack: Jose Hernandez
GitHub:  d1vious

Matt Graeber
Matt Graeber
Slack: mattifestation
GitHub:   mattifestation

Mike Haag
Mike Haag
Slack: Mike Haag
GitHub: MHaggis

Featured blog
Brian Donohue walks through how to run Atomic Red Team tests directly through Microsoft Defender for Endpoint's user portal.
Hands-on learning
Watch a live training brought to you by Black Hills Information Security with Carrie and Darin Roberts.

Join us!
Atomic Red Team depends on community contributions to increase technique coverage across platforms.
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Atomic Red Team is developed by a community of thousands of computer security advocates, practitioners, and enthusiasts. Come say hi on the Atomic Red Team Slack!

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