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The latest from Atomic Red Team
Introducing POSIX Atomic Test Harnesses for Linux and macOS

We are excited to announce AtomicTestHarness support for both macOS and Linux, leveraging Python instead of PowerShell.

WATCH: Persistence with Netsh Helper DLL

Maintainer Carrie Roberts walks through how to test for this persistence technique in the latest edition of AntiSyphon Training’s “Atomic Spotlight” series.

Testing Defensive Controls With Atomic-Operator

Atomic-Operator creator Josh Rickard presented on testing defensive controls and discovering gaps via adversary emulation at this year’s BSides Kansas City.

Why? Exactly are you not using Atomic Red Team?

Our friend John Strand made the case for Atomic Red Team on the AntiSyphon Address Space Layout Randomization webstream.

Cloud: Password spraying on AWS

This atomic test emulates GoAWSConsoleSpray, a tool that can be used to spray AWS IAM Console credentials in order to identify a valid login for a user account.

macOS: Add/remove LoginItem via AppleScript

This atomic test runs OSAscript on a file to create or remove a new LoginItem for the current user.


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Invoke-AtomicRedTeam in the PowerShell Gallery

Thanks to great work by Jose Hernandez and Adam Mashinchi, new versions of Invoke-AtomicRedTeam will be automatically published to the PowerShell Gallery.

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