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Locate LOLBins with LOLBASLine

Magic Sword recently released this PowerShell tool, which identifies the presence and execution of various living-off-the-land binaries and scripts (LOLBAS). 

  • Watch Atomic Red Team maintainers Mike Haag and Jose Hernandez demo the tool during an episode of Atomics on a Friday

  • Dig into the GitHub repo yourself

Haag needs your help

Atomic Red Team co-creator and longtime maintainer Mike Haag created two new suites of atomic tests on his personal repo--and he could use your help adding them to Atomic Red Team.

If you're never committed before, now is your chance to get that free t-shirt! 

Hidden scheduled tasks


Inspired by research from Binary Defense, Haag created this suite of tests for various techniques adversaries use to hide scheduled tasks on Windows.


Forest Blizzard exploiting CVE-2022-38028


This collection of tests validates detection for various techniques used by the Russian threat actor Forest Blizzard to elevate privileges and steal credentials.

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Atomic in the wild
Join Red Canary’s Gerry Johansen on May 31 as he presents how to use Atomic Red Team to validate your defenses against ransomware attacks.
ATT&CK-View, now with atomic tests!

Cyber Distance’s ATT&CK View and relational data model now include atomic tests to help you ensure threat intelligence and emulation plans are robust and effective.

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