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See firsthand how our 24/7, end-to-end approach helps you achieve greater security outcomes—and gets you back to what matters most.

  • Boost coverage, respond faster, and reduce risk with our veterans serving as an extension of your team.
  • Unleash maximum value from your existing security products by operationalizing raw telemetry with Red Canary.
  • Drive down Mean Time to Remediation with our automation, playbooks, and seasoned incident response.
  • Take control of alerts using a single dashboard to view, prioritize, and manage alerts across your security stack.


Microsoft Security Trailblazer Award Winner 2022

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Monitor 24/7

“Red Canary covers the gaps and gives us a set of eyes on our environment, 24/7. Knowing they’re looking for suspicious activity around the clock gives us peace of mind.”

Information Security Engineer

Add expertise

“If you’re struggling with the right resources, partnering with Red Canary gives you the expertise and staff you need. That leaves you room to tackle what’s important to your team.”

IT Security Leader

Focus on what matters

“If we didn’t bring in Red Canary, I would still be overwhelmed with alerts and struggling to improve my environment.”

Information Security Architect

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