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About Us

You have an important mission. Ours is to keep you focused on it.

We are relentless in our mission to improve security—not just for our customers, but for the entire community. And it all starts with our people.

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Back in 2013, after leaving the intelligence community, our founders were helping organizations respond to breaches. These were good security teams who did “all the right things”, bought the right products, had the right services, and yet they were still breached.

They knew the system was broken, so they developed a different kind of security platform and service to truly protect organizations from cyber attacks. Since then, Red Canary has been a security ally to customers of all shapes and sizes—from the most sophisticated technology and finance companies, to healthcare and small businesses. And we haven’t looked back since.

Our Origin Story

At Red Canary, we’re using everything we’ve got—our business resources, technology, expertise, and our heart—to keep organizations focused on their mission and everything it stands for.

We are security practitioners who know the stress of defending an organization against a very human adversary. We know the typical experience of buying security products and services, the ridiculous marketing, and the broken promises.

We’re passionate about how we can play our part in making the information security community more open and inviting to new members. Our education and open source programs make the entire community a better place.

Sounds like you? Join us.

We are relentless

Our adversary is very human and relentless in their crimes. We are equally relentless in finding and stopping those adversaries. Security teams we partner with have to be ready 24×7, and we are always there alongside them.

Every time we ship code, respond to a support request, or coach our partners, we always push to go a little faster.


We always deliver quality

The cybersecurity industry is littered with products that were well loved when they were small but lost their quality as they grew. We obsess over not being one of them.

Our guiding principle is that we’ll try to grow as quickly as possible—while maintaining quality.


We are kind and authentic

Being kind is often a novelty in security and technology business. We’re changing that. We embrace our authenticity and show kindness to other Canaries, competitors, and the community.


We do what’s right for our customers

Our hypergrowth forces us to make hundreds of important decisions each day. We never stop thinking about what’s best for our customers. That always guides us to the right choices—even if those choices are more challenging.

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security teams served

Brian Beyer

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dean Hager

Former CEO, Jamf

Andy Collins

Managing Director, Summit Partners

Alan Taetle

General Partner, Noro-Moseley Partners

Frank Mendicino

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Access Venture Partners

Colin Mistele

Managing Director, Summit Partners

Mike Viscuso

Co-founder and fmr Chief Strategy Officer, Carbon Black

Dan Hall

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Kyrus

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