About Red Canary

A security ally for businesses


The information security system is broken.

Attackers effortlessly bypass “state of the art” security technology every day, doing untold damage to businesses across every size and industry. Defenders are bombarded with over-hyped products and services that lead to more spending without any meaningful advance in the fight against the attackers.


In order to break through, we need to break conventions.

Businesses need an ally to make what’s critical, easily accessible. Delivering not just alerts, but answers. Not just service, but expertise.


Red Canary is that ally.

We break through the noisy, complicated system with radical transparency and a laser focus on results. We are relentless in our mission to improve security—not just for our customers, but for the entire community. Forgoing the way information security has been done in the name of better outcomes for all.

Brian Beyer
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Keith McCammon
Chief Security Officer & Co-Founder
Chris Rothe
Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder
Chris Zook
Chief Financial Officer
Stacie Ward
VP of Customer Care
Joe Moles
VP of Customer Security Operations
Joren McReynolds
Director of Product Management
Brianne Houck
Director of Marketing