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Protect Multicloud Environments

Find and stop cloud risks and threats across AWS, Azure, GCP, and Linux runtime environments with our new multicloud capabilities.


Secure complex environments and streamline workflows from control plane to cloud workload

Defend multicloud estates with actionable visibility and comprehensive detection and response coverage across AWS, Azure, GCP, and Linux runtime environments.

  • Get 24x7x365 monitoring across both your cloud control plane and runtime instances to secure your multicloud environment
  • Find cloud threats others miss as Red Canary ingests raw event data correlated with posture management based alerts from native and third-party tools
  • Deploy the solution in minutes to close visibility gaps and reduce your mean time to detect

Get deeper investigations and higher quality detections to help protect your entire Azure cloud environment as Red Canary now integrates directly with Microsoft Azure Cloud Audit logs in addition to alerts from Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

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Feel secure knowing you are protected from new and emerging cloud threats in AWS with the addition of over 30 new detectors and improved threat logic for analyzing Cloudtrail and GuardDuty logs and alerts.

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Receive expanded coverage and greater threat detection across GCP with direct integration with GCP audit logs entering into Early Access.

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Gain herd immunity from our continuous development of detection analytics informed by the adversary behavior we observe, detect, and anticipate across customer environments. New threat intelligence specific to ransomware and cloud account compromise gives you the actionable insight you need to stay one step ahead of modern exploits and adversary tactics.


Prepare your team for today’s most challenging adversaries like Scattered Spider. Readiness Exercises, our learning experience platform, now features even more on-demand scenarios, enabling your team to practice, learn, and strengthen their response to real-world threats affecting endpoints, cloud, and identities.

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Integrations with Wiz (coming soon!) and Lacework posture management alerts provide additional context and data points for greater threat detection across your cloud, identity, and endpoint activity.


Improved Linux EDR metadata collection for containers and Kubernetes provides greater context and insight into where threats are occurring within your Linux-based environments.

Linux Metadata for Launch
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For organizations also interested in MDR, Red Canary can now deploy Microsoft Sentinel for you; optimize it according to your budget, IT landscape, and security goals; and provide you with 130+ analytic rulesets, 100+ threat hunting queries, custom dashboards and automation playbooks.

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