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Run more effective tabletop exercises

Improve the quality of the tabletops you facilitate, or have Red Canary facilitate a tabletop for you.

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According to SANS, less than 50% of organizations conducted a tabletop at least once per year and less than 30% conducted at least two per year.

More engaging and effective tabletops for the team

Practices occur on a frequent weekly or monthly basis instead of annually or ad-hoc, which captures the interest of participants and ensures lessons are retained.


Practice real-world scenarios updated regularly

Continuously practice and validate team preparedness against realistic scenarios based on trending adversary groups (like Scattered Spider), tools, MITRE ATT&CK® techniques, and our experience conducting millions of investigations.

Get training, tabletop exercises, and atomic tests in one experience

Bring together disparate learning tools and run them in your environment to maximize their relevance and impact. Exercises can be conducted internally or facilitated by us.


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"We've done three tabletop exercises now with a global firm, which took the majority of the day. We did a tabletop exercise with Red Canary, and just that single two-hour exercise blew those out of the water.”

Improve your tabletops with Red Canary

Whether you want Red Canary to facilitate your tabletop exercise or you’re doing the facilitation, our Readiness Exercises platform enables engaging tabletops that get your team practicing for the real-world situations that matter.

Exercises are tailored for your whole team including Incident Response, Security Leadership, Security Operations, Executive (CXO), Communications, Legal, Human Resources, and Finance.

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