MDR for Microsoft

We’ll detect, investigate, and respond to threats across your Microsoft environment.

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How it Works graphic

How it Works graphic

24/7, Microsoft-focused threat coverage

Our detection engineers monitor and proactively hunt for threats across your Microsoft environment around the clock. When we confirm a threat, we notify you immediately and present relevant context from across your Microsoft tools to you via a unified threat timeline.

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Offload alert review and investigation

Send your Microsoft alerts to Red Canary: our experts and autobots will separate signal from noise and we notify you only when we’ve confirmed suspicious activity. Review the alerts that matter in Sentinel or Red Canary, whichever platform you prefer.

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Catch threats you would otherwise miss

Our proprietary detections increase your coverage: for example, we help you detect 3.8x more threats on average than you otherwise would using Defender. We apply these high-fidelity, behavior-based detections to raw telemetry across your endpoints and cloud.

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Respond and remediate faster

Our automated playbooks integrate with Defender’s LiveResponse API and your other security and IT tools to contain threats and notify internal teams upon threat confirmation. Want us to respond on your behalf? No problem: with Active Remediation, our Incident Handling team will provide hands-on-keyboard response to ban IP addresses, collect forensics, quarantine files, and much more.

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“With identity there’s a lot of data and it’s difficult to track down. Red Canary far outmatches our ability to get high-fidelity detections and see the value of Defender for Identity alerts.”

Grover Mewborn
Cybersecurity Technical Team Lead, CoStar Group



Red Canary MDR for Microsoft reduced Thycotic’s alert volume by 90 percent. They used to see 55+ alerts daily; with Red Canary filtering out all the false positives, the SOC team now averages about one alert a week confirmed and shipped to them by Red Canary. As an added benefit, they achieved these outcomes without deploying any agents.


productivity increase


reduced alert fatigue


daily alerts to 1x per week

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