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Protect your corporate endpoints and network

24×7 endpoint and network threat protection across your organization

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Unmatched depth of detection

By processing massive amounts of streaming data, Red Canary can significantly increase the detection of confirmed threats

Speed and flexibility of remediation

We stop threats before they negatively impact organizations by focusing on detecting and responding to early-stage adversary activity

Quality of partnership


Red Canary does the heavy lifting for your team while providing unlimited access to our experts

“I can say with high confidence we have not had further incursions since we brought on Red Canary. When you hear about breaches in the news it's usually because the attacker had an established presence and took some time to develop their attack techniques. With Red Canary we are able to knock them out before they establish any level of presence.”

Red Canary optimizes for detecting and responding rapidly to early-stage adversary activity

We find and stop threats, no matter where adversaries choose to attack

Red Canary Managed Detection and Response (MDR) combines trailblazing security technology and human expertise to detect endpoint and network threats earlier and stop them faster.

  • Data is ingested from your current EDR, XDR, SIEM, and network security tools.
  • Thousands of behavior-based detections and proprietary threat intelligence are applied to hunt for suspicious activity.
  • Our team of experts investigates activity, eliminates noise, and correlates events from disparate sources.
  • View investigations in a unified timeline, written in clear language with all the necessary context, making it easy to understand the root cause and scope of a threat.
  • Take action with our combination of automated and human-led response capabilities.


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