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Get more value from your security tools with Red Canary integrations. We analyze both alerts and raw telemetry from endpoint, network, cloud, SaaS, and other data sources, helping you detect cyber threats earlier and stop them faster without interrupting existing workflows.


Red Canary MDR Integrations

You have the tools; we have the detection and response coverage needed to protect your sprawling IT estate.

Red Canary ingests alerts from a broad range of security tools, from email to identity, cloud, network, and beyond. We review these alerts and tell you what threats really matter, so you can cut through all the noise and prioritize your next move. In addition to alerts, Red Canary also ingests raw security telemetry from select integration partners and applies thousands of advanced behavioral analytics to find threats that would otherwise go unnoticed.

By correlating events from these data sources into a unified timeline, our built-in extended detection and response (XDR) platform provides additional context, helping you get the most out of your security tools.

Active Remediation Integrations

We’re always available, so you don’t have to be. With Active Remediation, our security experts provide hands-on-keyboard response, 24×7, meaning we’re ready to contain and remediate threats in your environment whenever something happens.

Response Integrations

We understand your need for efficiency. That’s why we integrate with the technology that you use every day to communicate and manage your work.

Alert Management Integrations

With over 150 alert sources supported and counting, Red Canary MDR brings together a wide range of security tools so you can manage all your alerts in one place.
A sampling of logos of Red Canary's many alert integrations

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