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Managed Service Providers

Provide security solutions for your customers with an ally that helps you grow your business.

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Red Canary helps you deliver excellent customer experiences

Managed Service Providers (MSPs/MSSPs) provide an array of security services to many customers, drawing from one central pool of resources and technologies in a shared services model. Partnering with Red Canary will help you provide profitable security services that scale, with an excellent level of quality and customer service as you continue to grow your business.

How we support you

  • With a centralized SaaS delivery model, Red Canary MDR enables your MSP to deliver high quality security services while optimizing your revenue streams to be more predictable over time vs. unpredictable project-based services work.
  • Support multiple customers as one entity to Red Canary, and derive higher margins while maintaining primary ongoing customer management.
  • Perform efficient and effective security assessments with Red Canary’s short term engagements, offered exclusively to our partners. Red Canary short term engagements provide monitoring, detection and response while our platform also helps organize your findings—reducing the time it takes you to write your related reports and recommendations.

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