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Linux security, reimagined

We understand that your Linux infrastructure is critical to your business. Our approach simplifies security for Linux systems to help protect businesses of any size, industry, or sophistication.

Kevin Gee
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Customers told us that they wanted a Linux-first solution that they could trust to provide threat protection without the risk of compromising their system. Red Canary is proud to announce our new Linux EDR and MDR solution, built from the ground up and optimized solely for Linux. Our solution focuses on the unique constraints that DevOps, engineering, and security teams demand, ranging from performance and safety to measurable threat detection outcomes that are powered by Linux-first features.

Why Red Canary

Red Canary has earned the trust of being a security ally for organizations ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 mainstays. We are a leader in Managed Detection and Response (MDR), with years of experience in ingesting, standardizing, and analyzing endpoint and Linux telemetry to deliver high-fidelity threat detection for our customers.

Red Canary understands the complications that come with protecting Linux. Between a variety of distributions and the fear of installing heavy software that may disrupt your system, many existing security solutions just don’t cut it. Our approach leverages Linux-optimized technology supported by a dedicated organization of engineers, analysts, researchers, customer support, and more. We aim to be your security ally, focusing on threat protection so you can focus on your business.

Why Linux EDR and MDR

Linux EDR and MDR is dedicated to Linux infrastructure and production environments. We designed a lightweight agent from the ground up to support most Linux distributions while using minimal resources, reducing its impact on the system itself. Combine that with our leading MDR service and you get 24/7 threat monitoring for your Linux systems without risking disruptions to your infrastructure.

Let’s take a look at some value differentiators:

Safety and performance

Our lightweight sensor operates entirely in userland, avoiding kernel modules, hooking, or code injection—implementations that can lead to system instability, kernel panics, and system crashes. Additionally, we provide transparent sensor performance reporting in customer portals, giving customers and their stakeholders the confidence they need when deploying to business-critical systems.

First-class telemetry and detection capabilities

Our telemetry collection and threat detection capabilities—including behavioral detection, rootkit identification, fileless malware detection, and more—exceed existing industry standards, giving customers the confidence that if there is a threat, we will find it.

Support for your entire environment

We support a wide range of Linux distributions, versions, and kernels, as well as the latest container and container orchestration technologies, including Kubernetes and Docker. This gives customers visibility and detection outcomes for ephemeral or long-lived workloads, meeting customers where they are, not the other way around.

Next generation support

Our support team is available to you 24/7 and can be reached for general security advice or questions. Customers can also communicate with Red Canary support via Slack, communicating in the same way they work with their colleagues.

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