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Red Canary performed an analysis of emerging and significant trends that we’ve encountered in confirmed threats, intelligence reporting, and elsewhere over the past year. We’ve compiled the most prominent trends of 2021 in this report to show major themes that may continue into 2022.

The technique and threat sections of this report are focused on detection data and identifying prevalent ATT&CK techniques and threats in those detections. The trends section takes us one step beyond that data and allows us to narrate events that might not be prevalent but may be emergent or otherwise deserve your attention.

How to use our analysis

The 2021 trends section is intended to provide valuable insight and actionable recommendations for security leaders to make informed decisions. We offer advice to help defenders prepare, prevent, detect, and mitigate activity associated with each trend. The guidance we provide differs, since each trend requires a different approach. You might also use our analysis to help anticipate and plan for key trends that may continue into 2022, just as we saw with 2020 trends extending into 2021.

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