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Automated Playbooks

Reduce MTTR by 10x with immediate containment and remediation

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“With such a small window of response time, you need to have not just good detection but automated responses that you build very easily with Red Canary’s playbooks.”

Address prevalent threats faster with out-of-the-box playbooks

Stop threats before they cause harm with pre-built, customizable response tactics that operate alongside our 99.6% customer-validated threat accuracy.

Screenshot of Automation in Red Canary portal


Playbooks are groups of actions to support a specific goal. Whether you want to isolate affected endpoints or simply email your security team, we got you.


Triggers describe when automation should begin. Each trigger can be linked to multiple playbooks , scaling your ability to automate through reuse.


Actions are specific activities taken by automation. Use our pre-built actions to do things like change a firewall rule or send an alert, and you can also create custom actions.


Approvals give you even greater control over when playbooks are executed.


Meaningful MTTR improvement

Stop adversaries in minutes and realize dramatic improvements to your response efficiency.

Graph showing MTTR improvement


Automate responses with ease

No-code setup of automated playbooks make it easy to improve your communication and containment processes. Actions include SMS messaging, dialing a phone tree, killing processes, suspending users, sending alerts to your SIEM, and more.

Automated response examples

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