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Reporting for duty: Keeping up with the Red Canary portal

Stay up to date on our newly released reporting features

Kevin Gee
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When monitoring for cyber threats, it’s important that the data and reports you receive are clear, concise and beneficial. Red Canary understands how valuable providing the right information, with the necessary context, is to thwarting threats. As such, we continue to improve our reporting capabilities to make sure you have the best and fullest understanding of the events within your environment.

We have a lot of cool updates planned for our reporting capabilities, so subscribe to our blog or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to keep up to date with all the new improvements. First up, we just released:

Report subscriptions

Red Canary provides a wealth of great reporting within the portal—from our “By The Numbers” report showing you the waterfall of data that we collect and analyze, our “Expert Analysis and Investigation” report showing a more zoomed-in view of the events directly investigated by our Detection Engineering team, to our reports highlighting how timely we were in detecting threats within your environment. These reports can now be sent to your email on a subscription basis. Admins can setup subscription rules to email one or more reports to any number of individuals on a set timeframe (daily, weekly, monthly, etc). This can be used to send reporting information to execs or other users who do not go into the Red Canary portal often but would like to review reporting information about Red Canary and how we are performing within your environment.


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