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Streamlined and secure: Red Canary upgrades to SentinelOne Cloud Funnel 2.0

Red Canary supports SentinelOne’s newest data export mechanism, Cloud Funnel 2.0.

Laura Hamel
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Red Canary now supports SentinelOne’s newest data export mechanism, Cloud Funnel 2.0. With this upgrade, SentinelOne customers can easily set up and configure data integration with Red Canary using just a few configuration items and a single click. This new data export mechanism offers enriched XDR data from SentinelOne’s Singularity data lake in a streaming model to AWS’s S3.

Red Canary will be upgrading all customers to this new telemetry stream over the next few months.

This integration will upgrade Red Canary’s SentinelOne data ingest from relying on a Kafka streamed data source to one that exports data directly into a Red Canary managed S3 bucket. Customers can also provision this new data ingest via a portal configuration page that will validate these credentials when entered to avoid work switching between configuration and other tasks.

By supporting SentinelOne Cloud Funnel 2.0, Red Canary customers will experience several upgrades, including incident reduction, provisioning acceleration, and credential validation. These upgrades will help enhance the overall security and efficiency of Red Canary’s cybersecurity services, providing customers with a more streamlined and effective experience.


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