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Managed Detection and Response

Detect and stop threats 24×7 across your endpoints, identities, cloud and beyond.

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Intelligence-led security across your environment

Connect your security alerts and telemetry. We will pinpoint threats and help you respond 24×7.

  • Unmatched threat detection: 99+% true positive rate keeps your focus on signal, not noise
  • Actionable threat intelligence: On-demand adversary insights and expert collaboration
  • 24x7 expert response: Guided, automated, and human-led capabilities so you can sleep

Stop prevalent threats across critical domains

  • Credential theft
  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Reconnaissance & espionage
  • Unmanaged devices (IoT)

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  • Account compromise
  • Unauthorized access
  • Business email compromise
  • Brute force attacks
  • MFA attacks

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  • Compromised user credentials
  • Misconfigured environments
  • Runtime threats
  • IAM role abuse
  • Data exfiltration

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“Red Canary takes the intelligence they see across their customers’ environments and applies it immediately to us. That visibility and context fuels our own threat hunting and speeds up our reaction.”

How Red Canary's Managed Detection and Response works desktop infographic

How Red Canary's Managed Detection and Response works mobile infographic


Get more value from your tools
Red Canary analyzes alerts and telemetry across multiple products to stop threats before impact.

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No more wondering. As soon as it happens, you’ll know.

We only notify you of cyber threats that matter. Our notifications are accurate, complete, and timely so that you can quickly go from awareness to action. Multiple Red Canary experts validate threats before we alert you, ensuring you focus on real threats and not false positives.
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Find the needles in the haystack.

Red Canary identifies threats that you’d otherwise miss, and we show you the data to prove it. 4,000+ behavioral analytics alongside automated and ad-hoc threat hunts uncover elusive adversary activity.


Respond, recover, and improve.

Automate response through playbooks that integrate with your collaboration tools, incident management, and security products. Would you rather have Red Canary’s experts handle the remediation? No problem. We got you.

Quantify improvements to your security program

We are fully transparent as to the volume of data we analyze, suspicious events we detect, and threats we stop. With the average cost of a data breach eclipsing $4.4M, it’s easy to measure risk reduction based on the number of threats Red Canary neutralizes.


Why security teams partner with Red Canary

Your organization is unique, and so is our ability to solve your challenges. Explore the use cases below to see how other teams are using Red Canary MDR to improve security outcomes.

Get a 24x7 SOC instantly
Get a 24x7 SOC instantly

Building a trusted, measurable, 24×7 security operations program is no small feat. If you’re trying to develop the capabilities from scratch or accelerate your program’s maturity Red Canary’s here to help.

Check out the benefits of our 24x7 coverage
Augment your SOC
Augment your SOC

Sophisticated teams need partners who meet or exceed their level of expertise. Whether you want to relieve your analysts of alert fatigue, reallocate staff to more strategic projects, or both, Red Canary can facilitate your team’s operational efficiency.

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Operationalize your Microsoft security investments
Operationalize your Microsoft security investments

Thousands of organizations are moving their security investments to the Microsoft stack as they centralize their endpoint, identity, cloud, and SIEM investments. Red Canary helps organizations throughout that transition and ensures ROI from the Microsoft platform.

MDR for Microsoft
Stop ransomware
Stop ransomware

The majority of breaches continue happening on user endpoints. Pairing Red Canary with a trusted endpoint detection & response (EDR) platform is the best way to identify everything from ransomware to software supply chain attacks.

No other MDR has investigated more threats on endpoints since the advent of EDR.

Replace an MSSP or MDR
Replace an MSSP or MDR

Decades of poor experiences, low quality, frustrating pricing, and getting breached while “protected” has led many security teams to question their investments in MSSP services (or their new “MDR” rebrandings).

We often hear that Red Canary is the preferred choice for CISOs who “have a long history of firing MSSPs”. We’re honored to serve teams that have really high expectations.

Why modern security teams are choosing MDR over MSSP

“Thanks to Red Canary, we haven’t had to fight the fires that other companies do.

Before Red Canary, the idea of having a response team capable of handling issues within minutes seemed far-fetched, but now we have that without requiring a substantial investment in building out an internal team.”

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“Red Canary caught something that we would have otherwise missed.

There’s a capability gap in current security solutions, and only one of our tools is capable of filling that gap. Red Canary is the only vendor I know of that could have detected the suspicious activity we saw.”

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“Their solution closely integrates with Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Sentinel

Red Canary was the first Microsoft-verified MXDR provider and is the first MXDR provider to offer a Microsoft Copilot for Security Plugin.

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