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High-fidelity telemetry collection and storage

Red Canary uses endpoint telemetry for real-time visibility to power detection and response while also providing long-term storage and tools for threat hunting. Simple cloud-based deployment means less time managing infrastructure and more time finding attackers.

Unparalleled endpoint visibility

Whether you need to know what happened two weeks ago on a remote user’s laptop or ten minutes ago on an AWS EC2 instance, we make sure the answer is right at your fingertips.

Retain full control of your data

It’s your data, so you should be able to access it whenever you want, without restriction. APIs enable full data portability to other systems, or you can export using well-documented, easy-to-configure tools.

Recognize value from day one

Security solutions shouldn’t take months or years to deliver tangible value. We do all the heavy lifting so you can immediately start using your telemetry for proactive activities like detection and hunting.


Collection and normalization

Lightweight endpoint sensors collect robust telemetry, delivering deep visibility that supports faster and more accurate detection, threat hunting, incident response, and other activities.

Telemetry is automatically normalized into a standardized format for fast and consistent analysis. No matter what endpoint monitoring solution you deploy, you’ll get the most value out of your data.



Whether you need it for auditing, compliance, forensics, or threat hunting, long term access to your data is important.

Red Canary delivers on-demand access to your raw and normalized telemetry data, enabling you to take advantage of low-cost, hassle-free storage and recovery not typically available with other solutions.



No matter what the use case, you need telemetry data portability for use by any number of external solutions.

Red Canary allows you to selectively export raw and/or normalized telemetry data to any destination. Your team and tools always have access to your data at any time, for any reason.


Search and visualization

Quickly and easily search your telemetry data for any use case, so you can spend less time trying to find meaningful data, and more time using it to secure your environment.

Powerful visualization and intuitive navigation make it easy to quickly identify attack patterns and see what’s happening on your endpoints so you can remediate threats faster.


Better visibility without the overhead

Red Canary operationalizes industry-leading endpoint telemetry without requiring the high overhead typically associated with deploying and managing a solution on your own. We give you more options, broader coverage, and better protection while keeping your total cost of ownership low.

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