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Monthly Live Demo: Red Canary Security Operations Platform
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RSA Conference
Western Canada Information Security Conference
CyberNow Summit
Data Connectors
Cyber Security Summit
Live Launch: 2021 Threat Detection Report
Chain Reactor: Adversary Simulation on Linux
The Detection Series: Windows Management Instrumentation
How to detect a Ryuk ransomware outbreak for healthcare organizations
The Rise of Island Hopping and Counter Incident Response
Securing Distributed Healthcare Organizations
ATT&CK® Deep Dive: Rootkits
Seek & Deploy: Microsoft Defender ATP
Security Allies: Why Successful EDR Deployments Require a Team
ATT&CK® Deep Dive: Process Injection
Upended Overnight: Facing Threats to Banking and Finance Webinar
First Look: 2020 Threat Detection Report
Privilege Escalation: How Attackers Level Up
MITRE ATT&CK Deep Dive: Persistence
Lateral Movement: 2-Part Webinar Series
Shutting Down Lateral Movement
ATT&CK Deep Dive: Defense Evasion
Threat Hunting with MITRE ATT&CK: 3-Part Webinar Series
Panel Discussion: 2019 Threat Detection Report
MITRE ATT&CK Deep Dive: Lateral Movement
How to use MITRE ATT&CK to mature your threat hunting program
Testing visibility to develop an innovative threat hunting program
Becoming a leader: an inside look at an advanced threat hunting program
How to Test Your Security Controls Using Atomic Red Team
5 Ways Carbon Black Response Data in Splunk Can Improve Your Security
You and what army? How lean security teams defend against evolving threats
Threat hunting for Dridex attacks using Carbon Black Response
Automating Atomic Red Team: how to scale and improve security testing
Opening the floodgates: analyzing endpoint security data
Threat hunting at scale using Carbon Black Response + Surveyor
Improving SecOps employee retention from day one
Taking Atomic Red Team to the Proving Grounds
Atomic Red Team: testing your defenses on macOS and Linux
Operationalize your threat hunt with Carbon Black Response
Security Operations for the Mid Enterprise
What is the value of your security program?
Building threat hunting into your security operations
Techniques for detecting post exploitation with EDR
From ad hoc to automated: how to operationalize threat hunting
Break through the noise: take control of your incident response program
The Ransomware Epidemic
Uniting forces: why incident response & security operations work better together
Targeted Measures to Prevent and Mitigate Ransomware
Outsourcing your endpoint detection and response
PowerShell Abuse: Good Tool Gone Bad