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Red Canary helps entertainment company build a better security program

This leading entertainment company knew they weren’t getting the most out of their EDR tool. That’s when they turned to the team of threat hunting experts at Red Canary for help.




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  • Inexperienced security team
  • Complicated change management process
  • Difficulty realizing full value from EDR

  • Trusted partnership
  • Support across multiple security tools
  • EDR migration
  • Increased value, reduced risk

This leading entertainment company knew how to provide experiences that kept fans coming back for more shows and more entertainment. Every year, they support over 20,000 live events, including 25 music festivals. They also operate, own, or affiliate with 350+ venues worldwide. Having a global reach, their security team needed the ability to protect their 25,000+ employees and secure their devices, no matter where they were.

In order to achieve such scale, this global entertainment business knew that having a true partnership was a key differentiator for success. When looking at their existing security stack, they realized the value of collaboration and partnership with people, not products. Thus, as they started exploring options for their security program, they knew they needed people who understood their business and could help their new team optimize and scale their security solution globally.

The cybersecurity team at this entertainment company was overwhelmed due to a lack of security expertise and resources. They had invested in Carbon Black Cloud to secure their environment, but they weren’t sure if the full capabilities of their tool were being utilized. To help ensure they were getting the most out of their investment, they started looking for a solution. That’s when they found Red Canary.

Within their first few months of partnering with Red Canary, this entertainment company realized immediate value from the knowledge provided by the threat hunting team. To help the entertainment company get even more value from their investment in Carbon Black Cloud, the team of Red Canary threat hunters helped them create custom queries and automation actions, all while reducing risk.

What’s more, as they built their incident response plan, the Red Canary Threat Hunting Team was there, providing helpful recommendations to elevate it and address their global needs, now and in the future. As a prime example of this, in the midst of a third-party tabletop exercise, their security team reached out to Red Canary to collaborate and help them execute their security plan, giving them the boost in confidence they needed to feel prepared for a real-world incident.

This entertainment company knew they didn’t just need a product; they needed a team of experts on their side. That’s exactly what they found in Red Canary and the Red Canary Threat Hunting Team.

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