Managed Detection and Response

Detect. Investigate. Remediate. 24/7.

Shut down threats that bypass your preventative controls—without hiring a small army. Red Canary delivers world-class detection and response at a fraction of the cost of building the capability in-house.

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Endpoint Telemetry

Red Canary analyzes your endpoint telemetry using our cloud-based detection engine composed of thousands of behavioral analytic use cases.

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Evolving Detection

Our team of experts maintains industry-leading detection coverage for attacker techniques and investigates every potential threat via our proprietary analyst workbench.

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Investigation & Automation

We only alert you to confirmed threats. A detailed threat report is posted in your Red Canary Portal where you can customize automated response actions.

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Your Security Ally

We take our role as your ally seriously. We’re on-call for security consulting and IR support whenever you need us.

Why Red Canary

Red Canary partners with industry-leading endpoint security vendors to deliver 24×7 threat detection, investigation, and response to shut down attacks that bypass your preventative controls.


Outmaneuver evolving threats

Red Canary leverages proprietary detection, analytics, and automation technology with an in-house team of expert security analysts to continuously adapt and expand detection coverage.

When a new threat is observed in a customer environment or in our lab, we immediately incorporate new threat intelligence to instantly enhance protection for our entire community. And it’s all mapped back to ATT&CK to speed communication and understanding.


Comprehensive protection in minutes

Red Canary rapidly deploys best-in-class detection and response technology and services, enabling you to benefit from the speed and simplicity that comes with cloud-based delivery.

If you already have an EDR solution, we seamlessly integrate with your existing deployment. Within minutes of starting with Red Canary, you are covered.

How we use telemetry

Focus on real threats

Red Canary’s CIRT gives you a team of highly trained threat detection and incident response experts providing constant watch over your environment, performing full investigation potential threats around the clock.

With 99.99% confirmed threat accuracy and full-context reports that arm you with the answers you need to take immediate action, Red Canary empowers your team to focus on meaningful security activities instead of chasing false positives and low risk alarms.

How we investigate

Eliminate threats while you sleep

Red Canary is the only MDR solution with its own fully integrated incident response automation as a service product.

Red Canary Act drives out delays in incident response processes, significantly lowering mean time to resolution and shrinking attacker dwell times. A few clicks is all it takes to implement incident response playbooks and stop attackers where they stand.


How we automate response
Cross platform integration

If you’ve already invested in tools to manage your security operations, you may have no desire to add yet another “single pane of glass.” Red Canary’s detection and response management platform integrates with the tools you already have in place.

An API-first architecture and an extensive library of integrations lets you access detailed threat data for use in ticketing systems, SIEMs, Slack, SMS, and more.

Dedicated expert incident handlers

When a threat is confirmed, we are on call to help shut it down. You are assigned an expert incident handler to function as an extension of your team, staying in constant communication and filling in wherever needed until the incident is resolved.

If an attacker is moving through your network, we will reach out proactively rather than assuming you received the notification. We are in the fight with you.

Cutting-edge threat research

Red Canary’s detection engineering team integrates threat research, analysis, and detection development to give you the intelligence necessary to comprehensively identify and defend against advanced threats.

They work around the clock to analyze and document both threats in the wild and those uncovered in the lab, continually updating our detection and analytics rules to ensure you’re protected by up-to-date intelligence.


Laser focus

MDR is not just our job—it’s our passion. We’ve invested five years building a robust architecture and team, and we’re constantly updating our technology to keep pace with the evolving landscape. Whether you’re a small team with minimal security tools and staff, or an advanced team looking to extend your capabilities, we are your ally in the fight.

Our commitment