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Intelligence Analyst

Aaron Didier

Aaron is an unconventional autodidact who got their start in information security as a "terminally curious" member of a network operations team at a small regional WISP, addressing abuse@ emails, digging into netflow, and responding to VoIP attacks. Prior to joining the flock at Red Canary, Aaron was a member of the Motorola Solutions SOC, where they contributed to the creation of a Security Onion-inspired RHEL IDS known as Red Onion. They also spent time briefly at Baker McKenzie administering CB Response and Protect while mapping to the ATT&CK Framework. In their off hours, you may catch Aaron digging just about anywhere, be it in the garden, in a book, in a 10-k report, capture the flag event, Twitter post, or documentary. Their fascination for the world knows no bounds and they love sharing everything they've learned with anyone willing to listen.
Rclone Wars: Transferring leverage in a ransomware attack
Rclone Wars: Transferring leverage in a ransomware attack
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