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Thwarting account takeovers in Google Workspace

Your user accounts, secured

Kevin Gee
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At Red Canary, we are always looking to improve how we monitor and protect our customers’ environment. One of the trends that we’ve noticed within the cybersecurity space is that a growing number of security incidents are caused by adversaries compromising a user’s credentials and then using those credentials to access a company’s environment and data. While these attacks have become quite common, most security tools struggle to accurately detect these events without also triggering false positive alerts. Security tools with their sensitivity tuned too high might flag normal logins making it difficult to find an actual threat or compromise. Tools with their sensitivity tuned down might not spot the threat in the first place. Customers turn to Red Canary to address this problem head on and to investigate these alerts and events to quickly detect compromised credential threats within their SaaS investments.

We are excited to announce our expanded integration into Google Workspace, where we ingest telemetry data and alerts to perform in-depth analysis and investigations to help detect and respond to account takeover threats. This data is also correlated across other security tools within your environment to provide additional context and help identify threats that security tools alone might miss. This approach provides you with a more complete view of the threats in your environment delivering the whole story around the security alerts in your IT environment. This type of insight is unique among MDR providers and continues to prove that Red Canary is the premier MDR partner available to medium and large enterprises.

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