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From our team to yours (because they’re really the same thing)

We’re thinking of you and your team, and we want you to know you’re not alone.

Suzanne Strobel
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The last few weeks have been challenging for all of us. Everyone has their own story of how the days of March unfolded, the dramatic impact to our families, businesses, schools, and lives.

If there’s one thing the team at Red Canary is good at, it’s coming together when it matters most. We are extremely lucky that Red Canary’s business operations are already set up to enable working from home, which meant that we were blessed enough to be able to use the first few days of isolation not to scramble, but to connect with each other and our customers. In times like these, the most valuable thing is often human connection and knowing you’re not alone.

On the first morning of working from home, our Slack channel lit up with a stream of selfies as everyone settled in and said hello…

We shared glimpses of our workstations, while the Canaries who were already pros at working from home shared valuable tips for the rest of us…

Soon, we had kids and pets joining for meetings. Costumes were donned to make everyone smile, and efforts to help those in need were organized…

Here’s the thing: We know that all the teams out there aren’t so lucky. Some are security “teams” of one who already had way too much on their plate, and are now trying to adapt to rapid technology and process changes in the name of business continuity. Some are IT teams for schools who are rushing to provide and secure online learning systems for students. And that’s not to mention the families and small businesses who were already struggling just to make ends meet before this crisis hit.

At a company level, Red Canary is organizing efforts to help the community and those in need. At a service level, we’re working with customers to be an extension of their teams in any way we can. From a content perspective, our editorial team has been thinking a lot about you—our readers—and what we can do to help.

What does your security team need most right now?

We’ll continue to deliver the threat research and detection and response articles you’ve come to expect, but we also know that you might have pressing new topics and security concerns that are top of mind. We invite you to reach out anytime to share your most critical security questions, team needs, and ideas for content that would help you and your organization most.

Next week, we’ll resume our regular editorial schedule with insights on the trends uncovered in our newly released 2020 Threat Detection Report, followed by articles on application control, process telemetry, and red teaming. We’ll also be digging into new ideas to help our customers and community based on our ongoing conversations with security teams and the feedback you and other readers share.

In the meantime, know that we’re here to help however we can. The best thing we can do is come together as a community to connect—not just as information security professionals, but as people. You may feel isolated, but please know that you’re not alone.


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