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Red Canary in 2020: looking ahead

2019 was a big year for Red Canary. We doubled our number of employees and increased our customer base by nearly 60 percent. What’s ahead for 2020? Our leadership team shares some resolutions for the new year as we continue to scale up.

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Reflecting on all your team’s accomplishments in 2019, what are you most proud of?

red canary 2020 resolutions joe moles

The Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT) reached the milestone of 10,000 spec/unit tests to validate our detection logic, an indicator of how diligently we maintain our detectors. Continued validation that everything is working as anticipated is key to ensuring a successful security program.

— Joe Moles, VP of Customer Security Operations


red canary 2020 resolutions greg baileyNearly doubling our team size in 2019 to keep up with customer demand has been a case study in scaling while maintaining the highest level of customer interaction quality. It also means ensuring that our relationships with the customer success teams are managed. We continue to engage our customers in a number of ways: Incident Management, Threat Hunting, and CISO Lite!


—Greg Bailey, Director of Incident Handling 


red canary 2020 resolutions robbie adamsI am most proud of the fact that the culture of the team has not only stayed in tact, but has matured and elevated, despite the rapid growth. Senior team members constantly go out of their way to ensure that new CSEs are welcomed, growing, and set up for success. Success is rooted in team dynamics and culture.


—Robbie Adams, Director of Customer Solutions Engineering


What would you like your team to accomplish in 2020?

red canary 2020 resolutions chris rotheTo me, 2020 is about finding more ways to provide value to our customers. That means adding additional features to our current offerings to continue taking advantage of the amazing data we have and our unique ability to operationalize it. It also means finding new avenues to be their security ally. I’m also looking forward to expanding Red Canary’s reach and growing our audience in 2020. I firmly believe that the more security people who watch our channels, the more we can improve security for the world.


—Chris Rothe, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder


red canary 2020 resolutions brianne houckAs we continue to grow and add specialized focus across digital media, video, and an even more robust content program, I want the team to be able to take all the great insights and educational pieces and recommendations and make it easy for people to find them, understand them, and implement them. To be able to use what we’re doing in marketing in a way that is solely beneficial to the consumer of that content.


—Brianne Houck, Director of Marketing 


red canary 2020 resolutions stacie ward Providing such an exceptional level of support and care that our customers renew and expand their commitment to partnering with us. I hope that the Red Canary level of post-sale support becomes the model our competitors and partners are chasing.


—Stacie Ward, VP of Customer Care


red canary 2020 resolutions jeff fellingWe will continue to build and refine our library of knowledge, and streamline the process of disseminating this information. Our goal for 2020 is to transform the intelligence we produce from a resource available to those who seek it into seamlessly integrated content providing context and detail that drives timely and actionable decisions.


—Jeff Felling, Director of Intelligence 



Any words of wisdom for other security leaders and rapidly scaling teams?

red canary 2020 resolutions sergei leonovEnsure you’re building a diverse team by seeking out professionals from different backgrounds and walks of life, to maximize your team’s creative output and resiliency.

—Sergei Leonov, VP of Sales



red canary 2020 resolutions brian beyerI think every business needs to enact a comprehensive plan about how they will record the telemetry and alerts from their business and then detect and respond to threats. As a security community, we tend to dive in to security purchases without a solid plan. That leads to systems that don’t work well together, overlapping capabilities that aren’t important, and gaps that are important.


—Brian Beyer, CEO and Co-Founder 


red canary 2020 resolutions keith mccammonI’m looking forward to helping our customers understand the value of their data, and the efficacy of the information security solutions that they’ve put in place. Over five years, we’ve seen this market expand significantly, and the increased focus is undeniably positive. But as organizations continue to invest in security and risk management, it’s incumbent on us as an industry to leverage the data, experience, and resources at our disposal to better understand whether these investments provide value and improve outcomes.

—Keith McCammon, Chief Security Officer and Co-Founder



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