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5 Reasons for Outsourcing Security Services

Cory Bowline

Every organization needs to detect threats and immediately respond. But building a detection and response capability requires significant investments and many organizations struggle to assemble the required pieces. The tools are rarely the problem; the hard part is finding a team of experienced analysts, researchers, investigators, and engineers that know how to operate and improve this capability. And while the underlying need is the same for most organizations, security programs differ drastically. Outsourcing security services can help.

How does a solution like Red Canary Managed Endpoint Detection and Response solve these challenges? And when might an organization consider partnering with Red Canary to enhance its security program?

Below are 5 reasons why organizations outsource part of their security to Red Canary.

1. I need to make a strategic investment on top of my modest security program.

Some organizations approach information security with a mindset of MVP – Minimum Viable Program. They make limited investments in their perimeter (firewalls, IDS/IPS) and endpoints (AV or full protection suites) and rarely have a dedicated security headcount. They believe they have done enough, or at least leadership is satisfied with the solutions that are in place.

Outsourcing Security Services: Threat PreventionWe all know this approach will eventually fail. Organizations that recognize this are looking for the next solution they can layer on top of their existing security. For these companies, they need the ability to detect the threats that bypass their prevention tooling and then quickly respond. There are many different approaches that might work depending on the environment (endpoint detection and response, user behavior analytics, deception, network collection and inspection, and even a SIEM depending on the logs the organization is collecting). Whichever approach is selected, it should advance the organization’s security program multiple levels.

Organizations in this category partner with Red Canary first because the solution reliably detects threats with minimal time requirements from the organization’s team. But secondly, Red Canary includes endpoint detection and response (EDR), behavioral and anomaly detection, a full SOC, ongoing technical support, and automated response capabilities. Organizations effectively get multiple security solutions wrapped in one offering.

IN THE REAL WORLD: A small government contractor needed to improve security but was unable to dedicate any internal resources to detection and response. Read how the contractor enhanced its modest security program with Red Canary

2. I know I want EDR but don’t think I can manage it.

Many organizations recognize that EDR is exactly what their program needs. They like the endpoint visibility, the rapid detection, and the ability to respond to threats. But they have concerns about the amount of time they will be able to dedicate to the product. Every alert still needs to be triaged, some will require additional investigation, and then legitimate threats responded to. More than likely, the organization’s team is already underwater and there are no plans to bring on more team members.

Outsourcing Security Services: Ain't Nobody Got Time for ThatOrganizations partner with Red Canary because they get a team of analysts and responders who are experts in EDR and endpoint activity. The SOC investigates every potential threat, resulting in virtually no false positives for the customer. Red Canary manages all aspects of the EDR capability and all the organization needs to do is respond to confirmed threats.

IN THE REAL WORLD: A mid-sized manufacturing firm knew EDR was the right choice but had zero time to dedicate to building and managing the product. They needed a team of analysts that could completely manage the EDR investment. Read how the manufacturer gained an immediate EDR capability with Red Canary

3. I invested in EDR and my team is struggling to keep up with the volume of data and alerts.

Sometimes organizations invest in EDR and quickly find out the product requires too much time. This is not to say the EDR product is faulty. EDR is a capability, not a product. As such, humans and a well-defined process are always required.

Organizations partner with Red Canary because the solution relieves EDR workload on day one. Internal security team members can focus on other parts of the security program while Red Canary manages the day-to-day of EDR and investigates every potential threat surfaced.

IN THE REAL WORLD: An analyst at a large medical center enabled EDR and within a month had 180K events (aka “potential threats”) that required investigation. All of this on top of his day job. Read how the medical center freed up resources consumed with EDR

4. I plan to invest in EDR and can’t hire a team of specialized, highly focused experts.

At first glance this might seem similar to Reason #2 – “I know I want EDR but don’t think I can manage it.” There are similarities, but a key difference is that in this situation, the organization understands that a high level of technical expertise is required to build an EDR capability. They want a partner to manage the EDR product, but they also know that managing EDR is considerably more than just throwing bodies at it. They realize that a full EDR capability requires additional investments in technology (behavioral detection, UBA, event management, and SOC operations) and in expertise (analysis, threat research, incident response, forensics, and engineering).

Organizations partner with Red Canary because the solution combines advanced technology with a team that has expertise across multiple disciplines. These organizations recognize they would not be able to hire or train their team to the level required for EDR. In the place of that, Red Canary offers a fully built out EDR capability that can integrate into any security program. The internal team can continue focusing on their priorities and continue expanding their expertise. And Red Canary can focus on quickly detecting and investigating threats and supporting customer response.

IN THE REAL WORLD: A global investment firm had selected EDR as the solution to help defend its distributed organization. The CISO knew he needed a team of experts to manage his EDR – a team he did not have. Read how the CISO enlisted a team of specialized, highly focused experts and avoided expensive hiring

5. I already invested in EDR but am not sure I’m getting its full value.

Many organizations purchase EDR, deploy it, and attempt to incorporate it into their security operations, only to find that it’s not as effective as they originally hoped. Or the organization is doing little with it other than collecting and recording endpoint activity (still very important). These organizations question if EDR is a bust or is there something they could be doing to make it more effective. They want to maximize their investment but don’t know what that will take, and more than likely don’t have the internal resources to mature their EDR deployment.

Organizations partner with Red Canary because the solution is a custom-built Managed EDR offering. Red Canary helps organizations maximize their investment in EDR by bringing the full capability that can wrap around the sensor that is already deployed in the environment. The organizations can still use EDR to collect endpoint activity. And with Red Canary, they also get rapid detection of threats and the tooling and intelligence needed to respond. EDR tools are incredibly powerful. When combined with other advanced technologies and a team of experts, EDR can become the cornerstone of a mature security program.

IN THE REAL WORLD: A bank with advanced security controls purchased EDR but was not using it in day-to-day security operations. The team knew that to get the most value out of EDR, they needed experts constantly monitoring endpoint activity and identifying threats. Read how the bank maximized ROI on its EDR investment

Do you need a better security partner?

Every organization is different. Whether you need a specialized Managed EDR solution or are looking to make a strategic improvement to your security program, Red Canary can help. Contact our sales team to learn more about our approach and together we can work to understand if Red Canary might fit your needs.

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