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How Red Canary supports Microsoft customers

Red Canary dedicates business development, pre-sales, product, engineering, and program resources to ensure joint customer success.

Cordell BaanHofman
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We are focused on helping Microsoft customers realize the tremendous value in the Microsoft Security platform. To us, this means offering them a market-leading MDR/MXDR service that delivers return on investment (ROI) from all Microsoft 365 Defender workloads, Microsoft Sentinel, and other Microsoft and non-Microsoft products. We underpin our award-winning service led by recognized experts with resources we dedicate to Microsoft that span everything from product development to customer education and onboarding to Microsoft program activation.

We are passionate about our better-together story, and we want current and future joint customers to know about all the people working specifically on their behalf at Red Canary.

Our Team

  • General Manager, Microsoft Strategy
    As the GM of Microsoft Strategy, I report directly to our CEO and lead a team dedicated to our Microsoft partnership in addition to heading up all the cross-functional initiatives related to Microsoft here at Red Canary. My job is to ensure that Red Canary delights customers who are using Microsoft and that key Microsoft teams (account managers, security specialists, account executives, and beyond) know how well Red Canary solves problems for joint customers. I’m also responsible for ensuring that our company strategy maps to Microsoft’s security strategy—a recent example I’m particularly proud of was Microsoft choosing Red Canary as its first verified MXDR partner solution.
  • Program Manager
    Microsoft has a lot (and I mean a lot) of great programs dedicated to helping partners and customers succeed. Our Program Manager ensures that we take advantage of all those awesome programs–specifically the ones that make Red Canary easier for Microsoft customers to try and deploy, and easier for Microsoft account teams to offer to their customers. Our Program Manager works on everything from facilitating joint account team discussions between Red Canary and Microsoft to solve customer problems, to ensuring that Microsoft customers and teams know about all of Red Canary’s benefits, to providing our marketing organization critical feedback as to how we can better present our products to Microsoft customers and account team members.
  • Business Development Manager and Team
    The Microsoft Business Development Manager and team focus exclusively on Microsoft, driving Red Canary’s strategy directly with the Microsoft salesforce. The Business Development Manager and team focus on helping Red Canary’s sales team align with Microsoft’s and build on our status as a top-tier partner in Microsoft’s Managed Partner program (GPS) and member of their Solutions Partner for Security program, recently earning the Cloud Security Designation.
  • Microsoft Solution Architects
    We have an enthusiastic technical team focused solely on Microsoft security products. Our Microsoft Solutions Specialists help customers understand the most effective ways to deploy both Microsoft Security technology and Red Canary, how Red Canary maps to Microsoft licensing (think “E5 and Sentinel gurus”), how Red Canary augments Microsoft capabilities, and more. They also help Red Canary’s product and engineering teams understand the technical details of Microsoft Security products so that Red Canary puts them to the best use possible, doing things like running our design partner effort and maintaining our Microsoft R&D lab.

Our Product and Engineering

We are at all times engineering our product to deliver value from Microsoft Security technology. Our focus dates back to 2018 when Microsoft asked us to be a design partner on their Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) sensor, and we launched the inaugural MDR service for MDE the following year. Microsoft has even made our open-source adversary simulation tool, Atomic Red Team, accessible in the Microsoft 365 Defender portal, which makes security validation even easier for Microsoft customers.

Recent examples of tying our product development to Microsoft’s include our expanded integrations with Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Defender for Cloud, and Microsoft Azure Active Directory, which build on top of our longstanding integration with all the Microsoft 365 Defender workloads. Our product and engineering teams regularly sync with Microsoft’s to ensure that we are incorporating all new features into our service support and that we integrate with new Microsoft security products and features—ideally before they become generally available.

Our Programs

We qualify for and take advantage of a range of Microsoft programs that help current and prospective Microsoft customers get better security faster. Some, like our Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) membership, ensure that we’re presenting our better-together story effectively. Others like the programs listed below help Microsoft customers trial and onboard Microsoft technology efficiently.

  • FastTrack For Security
    FastTrack is a service that helps customers onboard Microsoft solutions seamlessly. As a certified Microsoft partner, we provide customers expert guidance and support, helping them adopt Microsoft 365 Security, Compliance, and Identity (SCI) workloads with confidence. Our Microsoft Solutions Specialists conduct quick and easy FastTrack engagements with organizations–they last 1-2 hours each at no additional cost to you.

  • MSSP workshops
    Thinking about Red Canary or Microsoft? We’d love for you to try them together. Red Canary currently offers two workshops—Defend Against Threats with SIEM + XDR and the Microsoft Sentinel workshop—that allow organizations to experience the benefits of Microsoft Sentinel and all the Microsoft 365 Defender workloads. We provide an overview of the respective technologies, deploy them in your environment, and provide a POC to showcase insights into active threats to your Microsoft 365 cloud and on-premises environments. Once the technology is up and running, we provide recommendations and other services based on data from Sentinel and M365 Defender for up to 30 days.

  • Security solution assessments
    Let two leading security providers help you improve your program. We collaborate with Microsoft experts to assess your security posture, look for vulnerabilities, and identify risks. Assessments culminate in recommendations tailored to your specific organizational context. These assessments last 2-3 weeks and are led by the Microsoft Solution Assessment Team and supported by customer account teams at Red Canary.

  • Joint POCs
    We offer 2-week POCs during which prospective customers can try their desired Microsoft Security technologies and Red Canary MDR at the same time to see our better-together story in action. Organizations experience the benefits of Microsoft and Red Canary in real time on real organizational data, and they can engage our solution experts to understand how Red Canary augments Microsoft’s capabilities and saves them both time and money.

We’d love to share even more with you about our dedication to joint customers. As a first step I encourage you to schedule a Microsoft-specific demo: we’ll show you Red Canary and can speak in more detail about the team, products, and programs listed above.


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