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News Flash: Red Canary Brings the Year 2001 to Security with SMS. Next Up, Fax Machines…

Chris Rothe
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Despite the adoption of SMS across many enterprise products, security vendors have never really integrated SMS capabilities into their offerings. Rather, most security companies focused internally, building new workflows and processes that you had to learn. The recent trend has shifted to integration, bud sadly SMS has been left off the list.

Until now! We’re excited announce Red Canary’s use of SMS notifications for two extremely important cases: threat notifications and two-factor authentication. After adding a mobile phone number to your profile, you can choose to use SMS to ensure your threat detection and remediation workflow is as smooth as ever.

Cool – Threat Notifications

SMS Threat NotificationsMost importantly, you can opt to receive SMS text notifications for all new threats Red Canary detects. Whether you have a smartphone or feature phone (AKA dumbphone), this brings you the fastest possible awareness that an event requires your team’s attention, supporting immediate and comprehensive remediation efforts.

Useful – MFA

We commonly use the Google Authenticator, Authy, or Duo mobile apps for second factor authentication and they work great. But sometimes you need the time-based, one-time password sent to you through good ‘ol SMS after you drop your phone in the drink. And you feature phone owners holding out on a smartphone, you too can now be a part of the MFA party. Red Canary customers can now receive those second factor authentication codes via SMS message on their mobile devices.

We are excited to continue bringing new and useful features that help you improve your security. Red Canary slashes the time to detection from an average of 180 days to minutes – now you can continue to cut your time to respond and reduce the impact of threats.


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