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Red Canary teams up with Wiz as its first certified MDR partner

Red Canary is bringing Managed Detection and Response to Wiz’s cloud-native application protection

Kevin Gee
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In the face of a rapidly evolving and increasingly intricate cloud landscape, organizations must prioritize investing in robust cloud security tools and services to safeguard their critical data and applications. That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with leading cloud security provider Wiz, as the first certified Managed Detection and Response (MDR) partner in their Wiz Integrations (WIN) program. Red Canary customers will benefit from Wiz’s deep cloud visibility and insights, combined with our expertise in threat hunting and incident response.

The power of MDR with Red Canary

Red Canary has earned its reputation as a trusted partner in the fight against cyber threats. We specialize in offering cutting-edge MDR software and services that allow businesses of all sizes to proactively detect and respond to security incidents swiftly and effectively. Our experts work 24x7x365 to ensure that our clients can focus on their core objectives without the fear of falling victim to cyber attacks.

A pioneering partnership

Wiz transforms cloud security for customers—including 35 percent of the Fortune 100—by enabling a new operating model. With Wiz, organizations can democratize security across the development lifecycle, empowering them to build fast and securely. Its Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) drives visibility, risk prioritization, and business agility.

Our partnership brings together the strengths of both Red Canary and Wiz, providing unparalleled cloud visibility, threat intelligence, and security operations expertise. Together, we will equip our customers with an enhanced ability to safeguard their complete IT environment—endpoint, network, cloud, identity, SaaS—detect threats, and respond with agility and precision.

Red Canary customers will be able to:

Gain comprehensive and in-depth visibility into their cloud security posture

  • Red Canary monitors, detects and responds to threats across cloud infrastructure, identity, SaaS, endpoint, and network
  • Wiz continuously analyzes configurations, vulnerabilities, networks, identities and access in your cloud environment and provides a prioritized list of issues to secure your critical assets
  • Having complete, actionable visibility into threats and vulnerabilities in the cloud empowers joint customers to better prioritize risk while focusing on what matters

Detect and respond to cloud threats more effectively

  • Customers will have access to Wiz issues and their insights on cloud risks in real time within Red Canary’s MDR platform
  • Red Canary leverages this information to enrich our threat detection capabilities within our customers’ cloud environments
  • Our team of experts triages and prioritizes alerts, working directly with customers to guide them through the remediation process before threats cause business damage

Improve overall cloud security posture

“We are excited to be the first certified MDR partner of Wiz,” says Chris Rothe, CTO of Red Canary. “Wiz’s deep cloud visibility and insights are a valuable addition to our MDR platform, and we are confident that this partnership will help our customers improve their overall cloud security posture.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Red Canary to help customers improve their cloud security posture,” says Oron Noah, Director of Product Management of Wiz. “Red Canary’s expertise in threat hunting and incident response is a perfect complement to Wiz’s deep cloud visibility and insights. Together, we can help customers detect and respond to cloud threats more quickly and effectively.”

More to come

As we embark on this exciting journey with Wiz, we invite you to stay tuned for future updates, announcements, and insights into the benefits of this groundbreaking partnership. Red Canary and Wiz are committed to redefining cloud security, and together, we’re well on our way to achieving this goal.

If you’re excited to learn more, please reach out to your account manager and subscribe to the Red Canary blog.


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