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Red Canary Data Processing Addendum

If you are a customer of Red Canary (directly or via its authorized partners), on this page you can sign Red Canary’s standard Data Processing Addendum (“DPA”) and add it to your agreement.

How this DPA applies:

  • If your company is a direct customer of Red Canary, this DPA forms a part of your company’s agreement with Red Canary.
  • If your company purchased a Red Canary subscription via an authorized Red Canary partner, this DPA forms part of your company’s agreement for that subscription.
  • If your company is not a Red Canary customer–either directly or via an authorized Red Canary partner–then this DPA is not valid and has no force or effect, even if you sign it.

How to sign the DPA:

By clicking the “SIGN DPA” button below you can access and sign the DPA, which is pre-signed by Red Canary. If you are an authorized signatory for your company you just need to fill in the fields with the requested information. Once you have completed the signing process, you will automatically receive a fully signed copy of the DPA for your files.

You also have the option to download a pdf version of the DPA before signing (for instance, if you would like someone else to review it first). Just click the icon at the top center of the page that says “Download” when you hover over it.

If you have any questions, just email

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