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MDR for Network Security

Red Canary MDR for Fortinet

Operationalize your Network Security

When you combine our leading Managed Detection and Response service with Fortinet’s world class FortiGate firewalls, you get additional insight and coverage over your network infrastructure. We’ll help you reduce alert fatigue and mean time to respond by investigating your FortiGate alerts and only alerting you to things that really matter.

  1. Red Canary integrates via API with your FortiGate firewall to ingest alert data
  2. The Red Canary detection engine analyzes the alerts and surfaces potential threats
  3. Potential threats are correlated across your other security tools we monitor
  4. Red Canary detection engineers investigate and confirm threats and publish full-context detections



Diagram showing how Red Canary MDR works

Diagram showing how Red Canary MDR works

Make the most of your FortiGate investment

Red Canary MDR extends your capacity and augments your team, putting you at the helm of a fully modern security operation—regardless of your team size, budget, tools, or expertise.

Quick and easy deployment to get you up and running faster

Cut alert noise by 99% while increasing your productivity

Reduce mean time to respond with 24×7 expert security operations

Red Canary MDR gives you all the benefits of an enterprise-level security operation, regardless of your team’s size or maturity level.


Red Canary Intelligence & Research teams ensure coverage, context, and insights for attacker behaviors


Red Canary Detection Engineers analyze, triage, and investigate potential threats around the clock


Red Canary Incident Handlers are on call 24/7 for proactive security guidance—in addition to investigation and response

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