The Red Canary Suite

Our four pillars of security operations workflow — Record, Detect, Investigate, and Act — seamlessly integrate to deliver measurable improvement fast.

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Red Canary Record collects high-fidelity telemetry to provide real-time visibility for detection and response while also providing long-term storage and tools for threat hunting. Simple cloud-based deployment means less time managing infrastructure and more time finding attackers.

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The comprehensive detection provided by Red Canary Detect identifies critical threats and suspicious behaviors for investigation, all mapped to MITRE ATT&CK. Continuously improving coverage across all operating systems and deployment environments reduces exposure time for new attack techniques.

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By fully investigating every potential threat using our proprietary analyst workbench, Red Canary Investigate alerts you to confirmed threats with minimal false positives. The rich context provided means you can move straight into remediation without needing to jump from tool to tool to find information.

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Security teams have a lot to do. Automation is one of the keys to reclaiming valuable time for high-impact work. Red Canary Act provides a simple and safe way to take immediate and effective action against adversaries or automate routine tasks like gathering forensics packages.

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APIs and Integration

Extensibility of products is critical to building modern security operations. Security data should be easily accessible by people and machines alike. The Red Canary platform is highly instrumented with APIs and machine interfaces to simplify connections to security, IT, and analytics tools.

Our team will guide your implementation to ensure all the wiring is in place and working reliably—whether you want to deliver tickets to an IT workflow, leverage raw data for machine learning, or anything in between.

Executive reporting

Actionable reporting is essential to continually improving your security posture.

Red Canary arms you with a combination of executive level and detailed reporting on insights and trends such as adversarial techniques used against your organization, users commonly involved in incidents, organizational risk and infection rate trends by business unit or segment, and assets and systems operating across your organization.

Purpose-built automation

Repetitive work and inefficient workflows are often the barrier to improving security outcomes. Homegrown automation isn’t free to develop and can quickly become a full-time job to maintain.

Red Canary’s purpose-built automation delivers significant process and efficiency improvements with minimal configuration and maintenance.

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Integrated enterprise security features

You should never pay more for critical security features like single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, audit logging, or role-based access control.

The Red Canary platform includes these features by default, no matter what your size or subscription level.


Security that just works

Spend less time worrying about product integration and workflows, and more time bolstering your defenses. Learn how Red Canary can help you improve your security outcomes.

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