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Incident Response & Readiness Guide

Timing and response plans could mean the difference between an attempted attack or full-blown compromise. This guide arms security teams with the blueprint for a modern and effective incident response plan.

When adversaries come knocking, you’ll be ready

This report is field-tested for security teams. In fact, we used the same framework to build Red Canary’s threat response capability.

  • Benchmarks – Know where other organizations stand
  • Best practices – Discover the core components of an effective security program, including cloud incident response
  • Actions – Get a jumpstart on developing a preparedness plan for your team
  • Key roles – Define responsibilities with a downloadable RACI guide
  • Resources – Connect to definitive resources on incident management

A handbook for leaders, based on our time in the trenches


incident response engagements fueled the insights this guide

9 years

in the making—Red Canary has deep experience in security operations


security leaders across industries informed the findings


About the guide

Incident management is an often-debated, frequently misunderstood topic that can quickly befuddle even the most advanced security teams. So to clear things up, we chose not to focus on what we think is right, but rather on what we know has worked for Red Canary and our customers.

This guide is based on “lessons learned” from successes and failures over the years. As your SOC evolves from endpoint to cloud security, we hope that it can create the foundation for a better incident response program than what you have today.

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Essential incident response resources

This summary empowers modern enterprises to efficiently handle cybersecurity incidents of all sizes through effective preparation and training. Explore our additional resources to enhance your readiness today.

Real Estate Cybersecurity Case Study

Incident Response Case Study

This S&P 500 company understood that in order to mature their IR program, they needed a partner capable of outputting high-fidelity detections to find more threats and weed out the noise.

Ready, Detect, Respond: Building confidence in your defenses

Ready, Detect, Respond: Building confidence in your defenses

In this on-demand webinar one of Red Canary’s co-founders breaks down the concept of security readiness and what it means for security teams to be prepared when it comes time to respond to threats, framed by a harrowing real-life scenario.

IR&R Executive Summary

Incident Response & Preparedness Executive Summary

Just want the highlights from the Incident Response and Preparedness Guide? This TL;DR version of the guide gives you a snapshot of the most pertinent key takeaways we’ve observed—in a format that’s designed to be skimmable.

RACI Matrix

Putting it into practice

Our team has developed a fully customizable Incident Response RACI matrix to help you visualize and manage the delegation of responsibilities as they relate to SEV-1 or SEV-2 incidents.

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