24/7 expert threat investigation

Red Canary alerts you to confirmed threats with minimal false positives. The rich context provided means you can move straight into remediation without needing to jump from tool to tool to find information.

Expert analysis on day one

As soon as you turn on Red Canary, you’ll benefit from 24/7/365 expert analysis and investigation of all potential threats, with 99.99% accuracy. Expert coverage starts immediately.

Consolidated confirmed threat reporting

Once a threat is confirmed, you get all the information needed to remediate in a single, comprehensive report view. No wasted time toggling from tool to tool to gather context means taking action faster.

Immediate access to experts

Attackers don’t take time off, and neither do we. When an incident occurs, it’s all hands on deck to shut it down. Red Canary delivers the expert help you need, when you need it most.


Threat classification

Lack of event detail slows down investigations while analysts perform additional research to categorize threats so they can triage response activities.

Red Canary classifies all confirmed threats into relevant categories and subcategories so security analysts can quickly and easily determine which threats are most pressing to address.


Detailed timeline

Advanced threats typically take place over an extended period of time, making it difficult to understand how they’ve unfolded without taking hours to track down and collect evidence.

Red Canary gives you a detailed timeline of how each confirmed threat has progressed along with any relevant IOCs.


Endpoint and user context

Threat investigation and remediation are frequently slowed down by the need to collect endpoint and user specific event context.

Red Canary gives you immediate access to all data relevant to understanding a confirmed threat like endpoint type, operating system, hostname, username, IP at the time of attack, and more.



Advanced threats typically employ multiple threat vectors, requiring you to spend a lot of time bouncing between multiple security tools to truly understand the scope of an attack.

Red Canary gives you the ability to easily pivot between multiple tools to rapidly research all relevant details for specific threats.


Red Canary detection engineers investigate every potential threat while continually fine-tuning our detection rules to optimize accuracy and eliminate false positives 24/7.


Every Red Canary customer is assigned an expert incident handler to deliver on-call and proactive guidance on how to remediate specific threats as they’re happening.


The Red Canary CIRT performs on-demand threat hunting in response to specific requests as an extension of our customers’ security teams.


Red Canary detection engineers develop automated playbooks to investigate and remediate repeat threats, leaving more time for root cause investigation and hunting.


Expert investigation and guidance at all times

Few organizations have the resources to run their detection and response operations around the clock. From confirmed threat investigations to proactive threat hunting, Red Canary gives you 24×7 access to technology and expert incident response resources that you can’t get anywhere else.

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