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Five Security Teams, Five Unique Challenges, One Trusted Ally

Perfecting security operations is difficult, whether you’re a team of one or a dozen. Read about five organizations that partnered with Red Canary to solve their unique security operations challenges.


Law firm

Challenge: Enhance a basic security program

A global law firm needed to improve its security program to protect high-profile client data against attacks. The firm had basic security tools like antivirus and firewall in place, but the bulk of its controls were focused on meeting compliance regulations rather than improving security.



When a new director of information security joined the firm, he recognized the need to quickly improve the organization’s security posture. The director had previously partnered with Red Canary and was impressed with the team’s deep security expertise. Deploying Red Canary enabled the firm to quickly level up its security program and get results on day one.

Key benefits

  • Visibility across endpoints
  • Continuous hunting and investigation of every potential threat
  • Detection of advanced and zero-day attacks that had bypassed the firm’s existing tools
  • Remote remediation capabilities
  • Confidence that sensitive client data was secured

Investment firm

Challenge: Enlist a world-class blue team

A global investment firm needed visibility across its endpoints but was unable to hire or train a specialized staff. With thousands of endpoints spread across 30 countries, its network was distributed and vulnerable. The existing endpoint security solution was not only burdensome but highly ineffective—threats continued to slip through.



The CISO wanted to implement continuous endpoint monitoring, but recognized that building a sophisticated blue team with 24/7 coverage would be costly and time-consuming.  With Red Canary, he gained a team of experts without having to staff up internally. The firm now relies on Red Canary to detect, investigate, and notify them about the threats that every other security product has missed.

Key benefits

  • 24/7/365 expert coverage by Red Canary’s Cyber Incident Response Team
  • Quick detection and validation of each threat
  • Deep visibility and effective tools to limit dwell time and remediate threats

Medical center

Challenge: Free up SecOps resources bogged down by alerts

The medical center had implemented an endpoint detection and response (EDR) product to get better visibility into its endpoints and defend against evolving threats. But the security team found that managing EDR alongside all its other daily operational tasks was extremely difficult.



Inundated with a backlog of 100,000+ alerts and binaries that needed to be investigated, the in-house analyst was only able to devote time to a limited number of alerts, leaving uncertainty about what might have been missed. With Red Canary taking over endpoint detection and response, the medical center’s security team was freed up to focus on other parts of the security program. The organization trusts Red Canary to cut through the noise and pinpoint the threats that require immediate action.

Key benefits

  • 100+ hours of in-house security analyst time saved per month
  • Faster threat detection and remediation
  • Elimination of false positives

Bank and financial services company

Challenge: Detect highly advanced attacker behaviors

The bank’s security team had already invested in application whitelisting and EDR to secure its endpoints. The whitelisting solution succeeded in defending against the vast majority of attacks but penetration testing showed that gaps remained. The team knew that to get the most value out of EDR, they needed experts constantly watching endpoint activity and identifying threats slipping past other security controls.



The security team was immediately impressed with the scope and timeliness of Red Canary’s detection. The bank’s security team closely monitored application whitelisting bypasses and regularly tested Red Canary against the newest exploits. Every time the bank’s red team weaponized a newly published attacker technique, Red Canary was right there to detect it and notify them.

Key benefits

  • Improved value from existing EDR investment
  • Broader coverage with advanced detection technology
  • 24/7/365 access to a team of experts in endpoint activity, forensic investigations, and threat hunting
  • Confidence that advanced attacks are not being overlooked

Industrial manufacturer

Challenge: Gain immediate EDR capabilities

An industrial manufacturer needed endpoint visibility to safeguard valuable intellectual property. But with only two employees running security and IT for thousands of endpoints, the team knew they couldn’t effectively implement an EDR product. They didn’t have the resources to manage the high volume of data and alerts, nor did they have the tools and processes to quickly remediate threats once detected.



Red Canary’s Cyber Incident Response Team continuously monitors endpoint activity, investigating potential threats and reporting confirmed malicious activity. The manufacturing organization only needs to focus on legitimate threats and can use the tools and intelligence included in Red Canary detection reports to quickly respond to every threat. They get a full EDR capability and dedicate almost no internal time and resources.

Key benefits

  • Fully operational EDR capability on day one
  • Easy, rapid deployment to all endpoints, including legacy systems
  • Deep visibility through high fidelity telemetry collection and analysis
  • 24/7 /365 investigation and response to augment in-house resources
  • Simplified incident response via an intuitive portal
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