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Stopping a Rapidly Advancing Zero-Day Malware Attack

When Beebe Healthcare became the victim of a rapidly advancing zero-day malware attack, Red Canary jumped into action, instantly notifying the hospital and helping prevent the attack from spreading.

A loyal customer since 2015, Beebe Healthcare relies on Red Canary to monitor and investigate potential threats across its endpoints. The award-winning 210-bed community healthcare system has seven locations across southern Delaware and offers a wide array of inpatient, outpatient, emergency, and diagnostic services.

Like many security teams, Beebe built their program from the ground up. The small team quickly realized they needed a partner to help them defend against advanced threats. They chose Red Canary based on superior detection capabilities and the value of the behind-the-scenes resources.






information security employees


It was an ordinary Wednesday when an employee downloaded and opened an email attachment that was infected with malware. Red Canary’s behavioral detection technology quickly identified the malware and notified hospital security staff. It soon became apparent that the attack was a previously unknown variant. Worse, it included a network-spreading capability and propagated to 47 devices in seven minutes.

Red Canary escalated the alert and worked with the hospital’s team to isolate the affected endpoints. Red Canary collaborated with Beebe’s security, network, and operations teams to shut down all endpoints and stop the attack. Quick action spared hundreds of workstations from falling victim to the attack.

Clint, the director of information technology, commented, “The threat would have hit all our workstations if Red Canary had not caught it in time. You can’t invest enough in that type of assurance. Red Canary helps me sleep at night.”

The team at Beebe has seen a number of improvements since partnering with Red Canary.

Comprehensive, timely detection

Red Canary identified a previously unseen attack as it began, quickly jumping into action to prevent the zero-day threat from spreading.

How we detect threats
3x staff efficiency gains

Beebe has been able to multiply its security operations reach with Red Canary. With hands-on expertise supplementing internal staff, Beebe’s security team is freed up to do proactive rather than reactive work.

How we investigate threats
Easy-to-use response tools

With automated incident response processes and playbooks, Beebe Healthcare was able to take immediate and effective action against adversaries.

Arming you to act on threats
Peace of mind 24/7/365

Beebe’s security team can rely on Red Canary to monitor and investigate suspicious activity, knowing they’ll be instantly notified of threats to be able to quickly stop them.

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