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Professional staffing company maintains 24/7/365 coverage through EDR migration

Learn how one professional staffing company leveraged their relationship with Red Canary and received the support they needed during a major transitional period.


Customer since




Endpoints with multiple EDR providers


  • Brand-new security team with little experience and knowledge
  • EDR migration
  • Legacy solutions

  • Turned to Red Canary’s informed and trusted advisers to help aid the transition
  • Carbon Black and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint supported across 11,000 endpoints
  • Added Red Canary Active Remediation

With over 6,000 employees and almost 11,000 endpoints, this publicly traded professional staffing company understood that consistent security infrastructure was vital to the growth and sustainability of their organization. However, in early 2022, they experienced some big changes to their security personnel. During the first few months of the year, most of their former security team exited, from analysts to their CISO, leaving behind a new and inexperienced team in need of immediate help. At the same time, they were also looking to migrate to another endpoint detection and response (EDR) provider.

Connecting people to the needs of their clients was what made this staffing company the leading provider of specialized workforce solutions. But in order to keep that mission alive, they knew they needed to start from the ground up by building a strong security foundation. To support their security team, their team needed training in their new environment. They also understood the importance of maintaining a consistent security infrastructure while switching EDR vendors.

In the face of the security team changes, this professional staffing company had one question on their mind: “How can we maintain the most coverage while figuring out our new strategy?” And if that wasn’t enough, adversaries weren’t going to wait around for them to figure out their future plans. After conducting a gap analysis, the team uncovered four opportunities:

  1. Moving from one EDR to another
  2. New and inexperienced security team
  3. Missing support for 24/7 response and remediation
  4. Supporting multiple legacy operating systems

During their EDR migration discovery process, they learned their new EDR solution wasn’t going to support some business-critical legacy machines. Their vendor’s response was to upgrade their operating system, which wasn’t an option. This meant they needed total confidence in the solution they planned to move forward with to support all areas of their business.

“The Red Canary team provided fantastic, prompt, and knowledgeable support to help resolve what could have been a huge headache for our organization, as we were simultaneously removing one sensor for another.”


Prior to 2022, this professional staffing company had already partnered with Red Canary to receive detections and analysis for their environment. When their security team left, Red Canary was able to help maintain the security posture left behind as the team figured out their next steps, providing the space they needed to regroup and plan a new strategy.

“We knew their environment. We also knew that we could keep it safe while they transitioned to their new EDR vendor.”


During the transition, Red Canary acted like an extension of their team, helping them navigate threats like Raspberry Robin and Bumblebee. Besides assisting with these threats, the team at Red Canary was also there to walk them through questions they had about their new EDR vendor. Eventually, their security team sought out Red Canary’s hands-on-keyboard response product, Active Remediation, offloading remediation tasks when they weren’t available to respond.

“They were very willing to jump on calls, contact subject matter experts, and co-research the problem with our team. I am very satisfied with this support experience.”


From the beginning, this professional staffing company understood the partnership they had with Red Canary. After entering a transitional period, Red Canary was there, serving as an extension of their team and providing them with the deep expertise and trusted guidance needed to set them back on the right path. In the future, they’re looking to Red Canary to support them with additional integrations, including ServiceNow.



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