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Guide: Top 5 cloud infrastructure security best practices

Secure your cloud with confidence

The cloud enables every organization to improve development processes, decentralize infrastructure ownership, and innovate faster. However, cloud infrastructure and application adoption poses a unique set of challenges for risk management:

  • How does the added complexity of a cloud environment affect your security approach?
  • How should you allocate limited resources to cloud vs. other security domains?
  • Do you have the people, processes, and technology in place to stop cloud security threats and exposures before they affect your business?

This guide’s five best practices will help your organization overcome top cloud security challenges.

How Red Canary protects your cloud environment

Red Canary protects customers’ IT infrastructure running atop the world’s leading cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. By understanding and managing your cloud-based attack surface from control plane to workload, we help you address the risks associated with vulnerable software, configurations, and utilization.

Red Canary is leading the next major revolution in managed detection and response—bringing together the petabytes of data and world-class security operations that companies need to level up their security. We optimize heavily for detecting and responding rapidly to early-stage adversary activity. This approach is in contrast to most incident response providers, whose visibility tends toward the middle and later stages of an intrusion, or a full-on cyber breach. Download our MDR for Cloud whitepaper to learn more.

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